Playing Area

Forbidden zone- Approximately 3 metres in diameter players are NOT allowed to stand in the forbidden zone or touch the ball while in contact with the ground in the forbidden zone (ON the line is considered IN the zone). Players are allowed to temporarily land in the zone (as long as they do not have the ball in their hand) but must leave it quickly. A scoring attempt MUST make it out of the forbidden zone in order to count. The line marking the Forbidden zone is considered still IN the forbidden zone. 

Sidelines/Baselines - Much like volleyball if the ball hits the line it is considered IN the court. A player may step on but NOT over the sidelines/baselines with the ball. Stepping over the sidelines/baselines when in possession of the ball would result in a loss of possession or point being awarded to opponent (if it is an attempt to catch a shot). 

Out of bounds - The ceiling, walls and any fixtures attached to either are considered out of bounds. A Shot off the frame that touches one of these is a dead ball and a restart from that point. If a defending team makes contact with the ball before it going out of bounds it is considered a failed catch and a point for the attacking team.  

Restart Spots- To start a game captain play one game of “Rock, Paper, Scissors” winner gets the ball in their choice of restart spots. If an attacking team gets a point, the defending team gets the ball in their choice of restart spots.


For simplicity sake we will call the team with the ball attempting to score the “Attacking team” and the team defending the “Defending Team”. The objective of the game is to score more points than your opponent. An Attacking team scores a point by throwing the ball off the rebound surface after a maximum of three passes. After the ball hits the surface, the ball must touch the floor outside of the forbidden zone to score a point. If the other team catches the ball before it hits the floor, neither team scores a point and the game continues.

Rules & Regulations:




Tournament Details

•All players must sign a waiver and pay their fees prior to playing.

•Games start on time and are running time

•Teams must have a uniform (creativity is encouraged) or at least coordinate colour. Numbers NOT required.

•Games will have a referee/scorekeeper but in the spirit of the game we ask that teams is self-refereed meaning they are really only there to keep score and settle any discrepancies that the teams can’t. Expectation is that all players demonstrate sportsmanship at all times.

•The Tournament Coordinators are excited for a fun filled day of Tchoukball where everyone can come out and get a great day of exercise. If a player is not upholding the spirit of the tournament (I.e. Aggressive, dangerous, abusive, disrespectful and/or unsportsmanlike behaviour) the coordinators reserve the right to exclude the player and/or team from the tournament immediately and with out refund.