"Thanks Tchoukball Hamilton for an awesome tournament !! Had a blast trying a fun new sport šŸ¤— excited for the next " - K.M.

"I think yesterday was well run. The more games we played the better we understood it. I was a sceptic when I first showed up ... man I really like it. " - C.C.

"Yah it was run well. Lots of games the more you got the hang of it the more of a workout you got. My back and shoulder kill today! Can't wait to play again already convincing people to try it out. " - L.J.

Dr Hermann Brandt was an eminent Swiss biologist who created Tchoukball in the late 1960s as the perfect team game whilst paying heed to his key concern of reducing injuries in sport. Dr Brandt died in November, 1972, but not before he saw some of his high hopes realized.This strange-sounding name comes from the 'tchouk' sound of the ball rebounding from a tchoukball frame. Today tchoukball is the fastest hand ball sport in the world today. It is a team sport of 6-7 players that unites all key sporting skills; athleticism, concentration, respect for oneself and the opposition and teamwork.Ā 

Most games can be traced to humble beginnings and periods of slow development before becoming established as a national and international sport. Tchoukball is no exception. It has taken time and patience to convince people that this unique game is truly a 'Sport for all', but now all the signs indicate that the message is getting across. During the 1980s, Taiwan took tchoukball to a different level, with substantial investment making it the 3rd sport of Taiwan and producing consistently over 200 teams for their national championships. Switzerland and Great Britain, 2 founder countries of the FITB (tchoukball's global governing body) cemented the international presence of tchoukball in Europe.

In Geneva in August 2000, a World Tournament was held to mark the 30th anniversary of tchoukball's birth. Many players from around the world got together and participated. Shortly afterwards, competitive matches restarted across Europe and Asia. The advent of the internet meant that communications improved immensely over the next few years.Ā  Now countries across the world organize matches from small friendly games through to continental and world competitions, playing sport and making new friends - truly in the spirit in which tchoukball was created. (credit to http://tchoukball.org/history)